Thursday, February 18, 2016

Place Name TypoArt -Awards

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‪#‎DECCANHERALD‬'s Metrolife lifestyle, BANGALORE EDITION Article about my Invention ‪#‎Typoart‬ ..
It's only words...
An interview i had given to Deccan Herald. (Bangalore Edition)
You can read it at this link

It's only words...

As kids, the different fonts on a word document in computers were a source of excitement. Shadow, drop shadow and many such artistic fonts gave life to boring plain texts.

While all this is software based, what is more artistically and creatively inclined is - typography. An art aimed at making written language appealing, typography involves selecting typefaces, point size, letter spacing and so on that makes writing on canvas an interesting craft.

Inculcating this craft and colouring the names of many cities is Sithesh C Govind, a creative director who likes to call himself a 'creative opportunist'.

So what is so special about colouring the names of different cities on a canvas? It is not just the names that are made to look nice, each name sketched, reflects the story of its origin and highlights the uniqueness of the City.

"I studied the names of different places in India and learnt about their origin. Then I decided to start place-name-typography of these cities," explains Sithesh.
It doesn't matter how many times you win an #award, it is always very special... 

thanks to Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM for this unique initiative . 

Received memento from Member of Parliament- Mr. Nalin Kumar Kateel


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